Trent University Room Bookings Portal


Please Read Prior to Submitting a Room Bookings Request

Room bookings requests may be submitted for review and will be approved in the order of submission. Questions about academic classrooms at the Symons and Traill campuses can be directed to roombookings@trentu.ca. For all other room bookings contacts, please see below. 

All student requests will need to be assessed by the Office of Student Affairs prior to approval by way of the Student Event Risk Assessment Form.


When planning an event, please consult the Event Planning & Risk Assessment web page.


Other Important and Helpful Information

  • University courses take precedence over ad-hoc bookings. If a conflict arises, ad-hoc bookings will be moved or cancelled.
  • The Room Bookings portal displays all courses and ad-hoc events for viewing. The Trent community can use the portal to check for room availabilities and to request bookable rooms for University sanctioned events.
  • Please ensure that you include the title of the meeting or the group name in the request, without this information the request will be denied.
  • Please allow three business days for a request to be approved, if you have not received an email confirmation approving your request, it has not been finalized.
  • The Scheduling Office only operates between 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday to Friday, so any requests that are sent in after 4:00PM or on the weekend will be processed the next business day.
  • Faculty/Instructors are NOT to request changes to timetabled courses through the portal, please send timetable changes to your department timetable representative or department administrator.
  • For training and direction regarding the use of technology in the classrooms, please see our Classroom Technology Guides.



For questions about non-academic bookable spaces please contact the following teams:


roombookings@trentu.ca Academic classrooms at Symons and Traill campuses
durham@trentu.ca Durham GTA campus


champlain@trentu.ca Champlain College space (CLLC, Morton Reading Room)
eaton@trentu.ca Lady Eaton College space (PIT, Lobby Table)
otonabee@trentu.ca Otonabee College space (OC Commons, Lobby Tables)
gzowski@trentu.ca Gzowski College space (ENW 345, Lobby Table)
traill@trentu.ca Traill College space


library@trentu.ca Bata Library meeting space and Group Study Self Service
schoolofed@trentu.ca School of Education space
vpexternal@trentcentral.ca Trent clubs and groups space
operations@trentcentral.ca TCSA space (TSC atrium, event space, etc.)

teaching@trentu.ca Trent Student Centre 2.02 (Active Learning Classroom)
aging@trentu.ca Bata Library 405
nozhem@trentu.ca Nozhem: First Peoples Performance Space (ENW 101)